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Your guide to taking food/drinks into GABP


Do you take food to GABP?
Looking to save money when attending a Reds game? Did you know you can take food and drinks into GABP? When my family attends a game, we take a soft-sided cooler. Casey and Peyton will usually grab a chips/snack from our pantry at home. We get drinks at the BP. Then we decide on a place to grab sandwiches on the way to GABP: Subway, Penn Station, Jimmy John's, Buffalo Wild Wings, Papa John's, Arby's, Chipotle. We usually add a bag of peanuts from the vendors in front of GABP. Nothing against the food/drinks at GABP, but the prices are outrageous. We'll take the $$ we save and attend more games.


(Here is one of our soft-sided coolers)


The GABP policy on coolers
Guests are welcome to bring SOFT-SIDED coolers into Great American Ball Park provided the coolers' dimensions do not exceed the 16" x 16" x 8" inch Major League Baseball size requirement. HARD-SIDED coolers of any size are PROHIBITED from entering the ballpark. Coolers and all carry-in items are always subject to inspection by Reds personnel prior to entrance to the ballpark or at any time while inside the ballpark. The Reds are not responsible for HARD-SIDED coolers that are left outside of the ballpark gates. Guests will be asked to return their HARD-SIDED coolers to their vehicles.

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