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Why some talk show hosts are just plain stupid...YES Matt Walsh, I am talking to you!

Why some talk show hosts are just plain stupid...YES Matt Walsh, I am talking to you!

First, let me start off by saying that I appreciate talk show hosts for what they are: talking heads paid to incite the general public to call in to their shows and agree/debate current issues, present company included. But this week, Matt Walsh,

a self-described "professional sayer of truths" took his mission to make certain people infamous a bit too far.  Matt, irritated that local Holmes High School Band Director Jared Murray was not charged with a crime after sending inappropriate text messages to a 15 year old student, requested his followers demand an answer from the prosecutor, regarding why he was not prosecuted.  Matt was gracious enough to provide the prosecutor's email address for his ill-informed listeners to shoot their venom.  

Perhaps I take this personally becuase I am a former felony prosecutor who handled sex cases. And to infer that a prosecutor is being "lazy" and failing to seek justice when the mouth-piece of such BS has no idea what he is talking about....well that just gets under my skin. And to that end, I will offer my services, Matt- next time you don't know what you are talking about when it comes to Kentucky criminal law, give me a call. I would be happy to educate you :)

BTW: in no way do I condone what Jared Murray did and we can debate back and forth whether sending text messages like:

“Girl, you’re always looking nice.”

“You already know I’ll smack your ass.”

“Morning, good lookin’.”

“So when you moving in?”

“We would have tons of the fun.”

“I miss you already.”

“Just know I love you.” 

SHOULD be criminal, but beyond the debate, let's leave the decisions up to those who we have elected to prosecute and if you want to criticize them, have it. Just remember the people who went to law school, passed the bar, prosecute criminals, defend criminals or are otherwise knowledgeable about criminal law, will call you out on your BS. 

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